March 25, 2003

MORE UNBIASED taxpayer-funded wisdom from

MORE UNBIASED taxpayer-funded wisdom from the ABC's World Today crew, who sought out fringe-dwelling commie William Blum for comment on captured US troops:

WILLIAM BLUM: We saw the people taken prison in Afghanistan, who were then taken to Cuba. They were tied up like animals, blindfolded and put in cages, and that was shown all over the world. Speaking of prisoners being humiliated, I think that would stand far in excess of what happened now in Iraq.

JOHN HIGHFIELD: At what stage do you believe Americans will start to turn against the war?

WILLIAM BLUM: They are against it. If you ask the right questions, if you ask see, the questions they ask usually in the polls is: do you support the President's attempt to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein? Well, for that I myself might even answer yes. That implies that the only consequence of a war would be to overthrow one tyrant.

It all depends on the "right questions". And what question would Blum ask?

WILLIAM BLUM: If you ask a question like: do you support the dropping of powerful explosives upon the heads of totally innocent men, women and children, demolishing their homes and their schools and their hospitals, are you in favour of that? That would change the answers, I think, quite a bit.

It would also change the truth, which is nothing the ABC or Blum cares about.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 25, 2003 01:09 AM