March 25, 2003


THE ABC'S JOHN HIGHFIELD - who believes coalition bombing of Baghdad is comparable to Nazi blitzkrieg attacks - offers military advice to Western troops:

Perhaps some of those in command would have done well to read some of the ancient tactics developed by Alexander The Great, as he made his war advances, for it seems American and British soldiers and armour are being slowed down, forced to deal with pockets of Iraqi soldiers attacking fragmented supply lines lying behind the advance.

Memo to John: the US has atomic bombs. Any time they like, they can deal with "pockets of Iraqi soldiers" - or pockets of the whole damn world - in an instant. Coalition forces are pulling their punches. They don't want to kill everybody, and they're taking losses as a result.

Tomorrow Highfield will be telling Ricky Ponting how to bat.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 25, 2003 12:35 AM