March 24, 2003

REGRETTABLE BUT minimal civilian injuries

REGRETTABLE BUT minimal civilian injuries in Baghdad leave Robert Fisk sounding a little underwhelmed. Where's all the mayhem? Where's the random carpet bombing? Where's all the death? Why aren't the Americans being, well, more American?

Yesterday, Baghdad could still function. The landline telephones worked; the internet operated; the electrical power was at full capacity; the bridges over the Tigris remained unbombed. Because, of course, when "if" is still a sensitive phrase these days the Americans get here, they will need a working communications system, electricity, transport. What has been spared is not a gift to the Iraqi people: it is for the benefit of Iraq's supposed new masters.

Evil Americans. Now they're not destroying the village in order to save it. How despicable can a people be?

Posted by Tim Blair at March 24, 2003 02:38 AM