March 24, 2003

MIKE SECCOMBE, whose Fairfax employers

MIKE SECCOMBE, whose Fairfax employers endlessly accentuate the negative, is annoyed that other media see different angles:

Rupert Murdoch's Fox is the most flag-wavingly patriotic and least objective. Like all Murdoch media, Fox is under instructions to get behind the war effort.

And people are awake to it. At yesterday's big anti-war demonstration in Canberra there were anti-Murdoch placards as well as anti-Howard and anti-Bush ones.

The other American networks are little better. Cynics might suspect they have decided US public opinion supports the war, and so they will, as the song goes, "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative".

Or maybe they just don't take their editorial cues from placard-waving 'tards.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 24, 2003 02:18 AM