March 22, 2003

LET'S REVIEW the predictions of

LET'S REVIEW the predictions of Bob Ellis, made a couple of weeks ago:

We are told, for instance, that "regime change" in Iraq will be easy because its people will be glad to be rid of the evil tyrant Saddam Hussein and they will welcome the conquering US troops in the way, presumably, the Parisians did in 1944.

They will applaud when Saddam is killed and Tariq Aziz put in a filthy cage in Guantanamo Bay and a junta, friendly to President George W. Bush and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, takes over the oil wealth and redistributes it among the more deserving.

Well, perhaps, but I doubt it ...

Why, one might ask, would anybody welcome their neighbours' killers, their schoolfellows' killers,
their family's killers, anywhere?

If what I'm expressing reads like kindergarten prattle, it's because under Bush all talk of foreign affairs is now on this level ... He thinks that death doesn't matter.

And he's wrong.

And the Mother of all Armageddons is waiting to tell him how wrong he is.

You wait and see.

We're still waiting, Bob.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 22, 2003 08:16 AM