March 21, 2003

BOYCOTT the liberal-dominated US entertainment

BOYCOTT the liberal-dominated US entertainment industry in order to send a message to the conservative US government? It makes sense to Gerald Stone, who probably eats steak to celebrate vegetarianism and raises toasts to sobriety.

(Stone's opinion piece was prompted by his letter earlier this week to the SMH, where no bad idea goes unpublished.)

Here's a typical brutish right-winger who'll be wounded by the movie show boycott:

One of those at the front of the march, behind a "No war on Iraq" banner, was actor Heath Ledger, who is in Melbourne to launch the new Ned Kelly film.

Ledger called on Prime Minister John Howard to assert the nation's independence. "I think John 'Coward', should just grow up," he said earlier while watching the war on Iraq unfold on television. "He's so subservient to this guy (US President George Bush) and they're sending 250,000 troops over there. Why should we send our 2000? It makes no difference. We've got nothing to do with it."

I agree with Stone. You are so boycotted, kid. Meanwhile we await the US film industry's response to Stone's blatant McCarthyism.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 21, 2003 03:15 AM