March 21, 2003

SIMON CREAN'S hypocrisy and opportunism

SIMON CREAN'S hypocrisy and opportunism is shocking. Thursday's editorial in The Daily Telegraph puts him to rights:

It should be remembered that with a flip of just one vote the Australian Labor Party would be supporting the invasion of Iraq that could start today.

If there had been a switch in French thinking, leading to Paris backing the US-sponsored resolution before the UN Security Council, Simon Crean would be waving off the bombers.

Mr Crean is not opposed to war on Iraq. He just does not like the way the invitation has been written. Mr Crean does not want to be seen doing the bidding of George Bush but he will allow Jacques Chirac to decide Australia's course.

He wants the 2000 Australian troops in the Gulf region withdrawn, but not the 300,000 American and British troops, the ones who will do the most damage.

Worthless Crean. History will judge him cruelly, if it bothers to judge him at all.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 21, 2003 02:31 AM