March 20, 2003

PROTESTERS, always protesters ... Tens

PROTESTERS, always protesters ...

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in capital cities across Australia to condemn the war on Iraq.

Summoned at only three hours notice, this afternoon's impromptu anti-war rally in Sydney still managed to muster up thousands of protesters.

It's not as if they had anything better to do. As for "impromptu", the Sydney Morning Herald has been publishing helpful protest guides.

Happily, these guys showed up:

Protesting against the speakers themselves were three Kurdish-Australian men, brandishing pictures of the dead civilians killed by Saddam Hussein's 1988 chemical attack on the Kurdish city of Hulabja.

One of the trio, Gafoor Muhamad of the Australian Kurdish Community Association, said of the gathered crowd: "I think these people don't understand what they are talking about. They are supporting Saddam emotionally."

Posted by Tim Blair at March 20, 2003 07:39 PM