March 20, 2003

READER DAVE F. writes: I

READER DAVE F. writes:

I think you're wrong about the Oscars being a platform for the sublime and the ridiculous to have another go at Bush and the war. On the contrary, now the troops have hit the ground and the solid waste has hit the propeller, they will not dare open their yaps for fear of backlash from the moviegoing public.

I believe the first word any recipient or guest presenter utters such as "oil", innocent," or any others on the producer's list will result in microphone cutoff. I reckon the blabbermouthed will be told the conditions in no uncertain terms.

It'll be interesting to watch. Michael Moore's audience, of course, dwells entirely within the Backlashville city limits, so he likely won’t be reluctant to make a fool of himself; he knows where his money comes from. As for the others, they may well have noticed the career-halting effects of Dixie Chick Syndrome. I'll post a form guide by the end of the week.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 20, 2003 09:59 AM