March 19, 2003

IT WAS FUN today listening

IT WAS FUN today listening to ABC radio host Richard Glover swap inaccuracies with guest Michael Ignatieff (Glover: "70% of Australians are against war"; Ignatieff: "The Blair government is hanging by a thread"), and Glover's attempts to spread his moral hurt were entertaining (he described a blue-sky Sydney day as "grim") but the real highlight was Glover's call to an elderly Australian human shield, bravely protecting a water treatment plant outside of Baghdad.

Glover didn't get the chance to ask even his first question before the old woman launched into her speech: "Don't let anyone convince you otherwise! This war is all about oil!"

And so on, for several minutes. Glover may as well have interviewed Uday. For all I know, he will tomorrow. If Uday is still able to speak.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 19, 2003 11:33 PM