March 19, 2003

AS USUAL, Michael Moore is

AS USUAL, Michael Moore is wrong. The Flint Blimp's latest open letter to the President defends the French, asking if people have forgotten that "a Frenchman built the Chevrolet."

"Got any idea who he meant?" writes Bob Black, of Edmonton, Canada. W.C. Durant wasn't a frog, was he? There was that Louis Chevrolet guy who was involved for a while, but of course he was Swiss. I'm stumped."

Quite so, Bob. Old Five Chins can't get anything right, even when it's about people connected to Moore's home town. (By the way, does anyone sane ever write an open letter these days? The form has become an indicator of pitiful delusion.)

Maybe you want to post your own open letter at Moore's website. Well, you can't; his online forum has been permanently removed, although the old link still claims this is due to apparently temporary "technical reasons". Enjoy the Oscars, fat boy!

Posted by Tim Blair at March 19, 2003 11:39 AM