March 19, 2003

MEET Lenora Tomalin, mother of

MEET Lenora Tomalin, mother of ultra-leftoid Susan Sarandon:

"I am a conservative. I voted for George W. Bush and I simply agree with most everything he has said," Tomalin told us yesterday ... "It's not that I'm pro-war. It's just that I think that I trust my government more than I would empathize with the government of Iraq."

Of Sarandon's anti-Bush activism, Tomalin said: "That's a given. That's the way she thinks. That's what Hollywood thinks. We don't agree, but I respect her -- more than she does me." But surely, we suggested, Tomalin's 56-year-old eldest child respects her mother's opinions. "Wanna bet?"

Posted by Tim Blair at March 19, 2003 09:45 AM