March 19, 2003

MADELINE MAXWELL, of Austin, Texas,

MADELINE MAXWELL, of Austin, Texas, writes:

Back when your countrymen were attacked with the Balinese, I followed your suggestion to earmark a donation to the AU Red Cross. I was so pleased at the suggestion because I simply would not have thought of it, even though I have been a Red Cross volunteer. At any rate, I just heard an expression of fear from the Red Cross/Red Crescent making plans for Iraq. They said that they are scared that they won't be ready because people don't donate until they actually see refugees in trouble. I'm going to make a donation on line as soon as I finish this note to you. Perhaps you would think it worth mentioning on your website.

An aside - I've been so impressed by (and grateful to) both PMs Blair and Howard. I thought Mr. Howard's comments today were downright humbling. With so much of the world rewriting history with a vengeance, I deeply appreciate good comrades.

Madeline isn't alone. Charles Austin asks:

What is the best way for us to express our thanks and support for Australia and PM John Howard?

Send a note to John Howard here. Alex Robson has an excellent idea:

Now that Prime Minister Howard has formally committed our troops to war in Iraq, it would be a great time to write to our troops to tell them that we fully support them, and that we hope they kick Saddam's butt!

Alex forwards this site, which includes e-mail and fax details for such messages. Meanwhile, Combustible Boy reminds Australians that not all in the US are aware of Australia's involvement:

The map-related images in this Fark photoshop contest -- the theme is other things that should be renamed along the lines of Freedom Fries, etc. -- demonstrates that a lot of the Farkers haven't gotten the news that you guys in Oz are on our side in the war.

If this is indicative of the average person's perceptions, then the anti-war folks don't have to worry about John Howard making you guys a terrorist target, since nobody outside of Australia has heard about his pro-war position anyway. It's a shame, that, because I think he's been quite articulate regarding that position.

Get the word out, bloggers! In closing, Rebecca Harris speaks for many in the US and Australia when she writes:

I'll say a prayer tonight for all your boys in uniform as well as for our own, and I'll say it every night until it's over and everybody is home safe.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 19, 2003 03:27 AM