March 18, 2003

CHECK OUT the six-wheeled wagon

CHECK OUT the six-wheeled wagon o' justice our boys will be steering into Iraq. We're the Banana Splits of the global military/capitalist hegemony.

UPDATE. Dave Schipani writes:

Mock the Banana Splits at your own peril. They are the deadliest and most effective team in Hanna-Barbera's clandestine counter-insurgency organization. Fleegle is a martial-arts expert whose trademark is ripping out the windpipe of his opponent and showing it to him as he dies. Snorky is an international playboy, fluent in seventeen languages, who uses his magnetic charm and impressive proboscis to seduce classified intel out of enemy agents both male and female. Drooper is a munitions expert who can make high explosives out of table salt and his own feces. And Bingo runs into things a lot with a "bonking" sound.

"Tra-la-la, la-la-la-la" is the last sound you will ever hear.

And from John Stotz, of Fallon, Nevada:

Maybe after Iraq we can roll that bad boy of a killer Oz Land Rover into downtown London and drive old Red Ken nuts. It will be a short drive and it won't cost nuthin! John Howard is THE BOMB! Let's Roll!

Posted by Tim Blair at March 18, 2003 08:45 PM