March 18, 2003

MARGO KINGSTON is predicting World

MARGO KINGSTON is predicting World War One Hundred and Eleven:

Without UN sanction, we effectively turn our backs on the body we helped found after World War 11 to help stop World War 111.

This futuristic conflict has troubled Margo before. Hey, and how come Margo hasn't explained to Webdiary readers the background behind her confrontation last week with SMH management? Surely this is a breach of the Webdiary Charter, which holds that "the future lies in a collaboration between journalists and readers" and that "newspapers have lost their connection with the readers they serve". Serve the readers, Margo!

UPDATE. Andrea Harris corrects me - it's World War eleventy-one! And reader R.R. Ryan has news of Margo's apparent links to the US military:

Coincidence or conspiracy? My roommate's father, who flew for the US Army on D-Day, died this past August. Last week his brother finally received the small military plaque to be affixed to the headstone. In addition to getting the birth date wrong, the army made the dubious claim that the man had served in World War 11. We were all quite amused by this, but now that Margo seems to be operating from the same fact set as our military, I'm truly disturbed. Well, all right, I was already disturbed, but this isn't helping.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 18, 2003 03:20 PM