March 17, 2003


PEACENIK ACTORS who plan on using the Academy Awards to condemn the evil war for oil should think again - the peacenik audience won't be watching:

The easiest way for ordinary people around the world to vote against a US-led attack against Iraq would be to refuse to tune into next week's Academy Awards. A massive turn-off of Oscar night - traditionally America's most widely watched program - would send the kind of message even President Bush couldn't ignore. Those reluctant to miss an evening of Hollywood glitz to help avert war obviously couldn't give a damn.

Yes, an Oscars boycott would sure get Bush's attention. "How are the ratings in Oslo, Ari? Down? My God!" By the way, the author of this notion is one Gerald Stone - most likely this Gerald Stone, former executive producer of Australia's 60 Minutes program. TV people have unusual ideas about the influence of their medium.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 17, 2003 10:51 AM