March 15, 2003

YIKES! This cheesy Australian porn

YIKES! This cheesy Australian porn site has set up Nude For Peace, where naked freaky hippie chicks get to ... well, I'll let them explain:

We just thing that Bush is a fucking idiot for his 'kill 'em all' rehotric. We all are in favour of a UN ratified solution. If you feel stongly about peace, we urge you to write a message on your body, and send it in more info on the site.

Do you feel "stongly"? Then get with the anti-war "rehotric" and join the other idealists.

(*Warning: not suitable for work or any other known venue)

UPDATE. Show's over, folks. The Nude For Peace site has apparently been de-activated.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 15, 2003 02:25 PM