March 15, 2003

BILL CLINTON - master diplomat,

BILL CLINTON - master diplomat, international statesman, and high-steppin' Harlem homeboy - hasn't been paying attention:

On the issue of Iraq, Clinton said he supports booting dictator Saddam Hussein out of Baghdad and destroying his weapons, but he said Bush has made it more difficult to line up international cooperation for a possible war.

Right after winning UN Security Council support in November for weapons inspections, the White House "sent 150,000 troops to the gulf, which convinced everybody we weren't serious about UN inspections. That's how we got into this political mess."

Get it right, porchdog! As Australia's Prime Minister reminded everybody the other day:

Hans Blix and Kofi Annan have both attested to the fact that had it not been for the American military build-up, the inspectors would not be back in Iraq. The French Foreign Minister, Dominique de Villepin, has said likewise. And Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac have signed an EU declaration that makes the same point.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 15, 2003 01:40 PM