March 13, 2003

MIRANDA DEVINE explores the psychosis

MIRANDA DEVINE explores the psychosis of the Bush-haters:

"I am against so many things about him it is hard to explain," 24-year-old student Kiffa Alverfors told The New York Times. "The capitalist system is a way of living that I don't agree with."

Australia's version of Kiffa is Radio National's millionaire announcer Phillip Adams, who last week wrote a column in The Australian laughingly entitled "Why I'm not anti-American". Adams revealed it was "regime change" in America that so alarmed "us, the chattering classes".

Then there was ABC's Four Corners on Monday, which built up a picture of a sinister Jewish cabal of "neo-cons" who have stolen Bush's brain, for what it's worth. There was even ominous music to introduce these scary conservatives who are "almost all Jews whose parents had emigrated from Eastern Europe", reporter Jonathan Holmes told us.

Strange how the left's contempt for WASP-y George so often mutates into suspicion of the wicked Jews, who really run the planet.

Posted by Tim Blair at March 13, 2003 02:44 AM